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Welcome to Liberty County Beekeepers

Mission Statement: “Sharing our passion for honey bees with our local community through education and assistance. Liberty County Beekeepers is dedicated to the preservation and the art of beekeeping.”

The goal of Liberty County Beekeepers is to teach, share and learn.

Beekeeping is very seasonal. Recommendations are that someone interested in beekeeping start at the begining of the year. Our monthly programs are designed to help beekeepers at all levels make the journey through the beekeeping year.

Upcoming Events:
June 6th meeting: "You've been slimed"
-a program that gets to the “Down and Dirty” about Small Hive Beetles Starting at 7pm - Presented by James and Chari Elam of Bluebonnet Beekeeping Supply

First Tuesday in July is the 4th -
No meeting:
Happy Birthday America!
Join uis for Honey Harvest Day

July 22nd - 9am-3pm - HONEY HARVEST DAY.

This will be the forth year to present this public event at the Liberty County AgriLife Extention Offices (see map of where our meetings are). We setup and demonstrate how honey is extracted fromt he hive. At 10:30am and again at 1:30pm we will have an informal class: Introduction to Beekeeping. This class will cover the basics of getting into beekeeping for all those that have an interest in getting into beekeeping.
- Click here for a map to where the AgriLife Offices are.

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About Liberty County Beekeepers - Meetings are open to anyone

Upcoming events: